I am SO excited !

I just came back from picking up a small pile of bricks via freecycle. When I get there, they are piling up/smoothing out this HUMONGOUS pile of tree mulch/compost. I don’t want to interrupt so I wave and point to bricks and start piling in my car.

They are chatting with a neighbor who laughs and says “hey, that lady’s taking your bricks” and I reply “yeah, and if they want to get rid of some of that tree mulch compost I’ll take some of that too !”

The owner goes “Seriously? You can have as much as you want !!”

So I finish loading the bricks and go over and i’m like, hey i’m serious if you are, how much will you let me have? He goes “leave us 4 inches of dressing along this area and you can have all the rest !” There’s literally and 1/8th of a ton sitting there.

So tomorrow morning I’m going back and I will literally scoop and haul away down to a 4″ dressing. I am SO excited. I was just thinking about how I wanted some of that stuff and WHAMMO, drops in my lap.