We’re particularly prone to the guilt

which I’ve written about before: we’re bad offspring if we don’t go to visit family during the holidays. Or so the parents would have us think. All the stops come out during the holidays, to get us on a plane to go a-visiting. And of course they can never come here. Oh, no, the family wants to Make A Point that it’s our job to go see them. Because they’re retired (emphasis on the “tired” part of that word) and it’s our job as dutiful children to suck up the cost and go see them since they’re on fixed income. This is the first year where we are consciously, proactively, deliberately saying NO! to that guilt trip.

We are actually looking forward to a very quiet, no-travel, no-hoopla, low-cost holiday season this year. I’m enjoying the process of putting together this year’s farm calendars which will be our gifts to each household (way more cost effective than gifts to each person in a household), and that’s the extent of our holiday effort. We’ll have a nice holiday dinner here and there with local friends, and DH gets time off for both T-day and Christmas/New Year’s. But we’re not getting on the Guilt Train this year. Feels good to say No for that ride.