This brings up a “memory”

We were band parents big time when ds was in marching band. We traveled with the band as chaperones everywhere. We were given the “bus from hell” as the other parents labeled it. To us it was bus #7 and our kids—no my ds did not ride on our bus. They were the kids with the “bad reps.” Or at least to the other chaperones they were. We didn’t see them that way. We saw them as kids who wanted treated as adults so we made an agreement with them. You don’t act in a bad way and we won’t treat you in a bad way.
None of our “bad” kids got in trouble any time we were chaperoning them, except when one of the other chaperones kept saying one certain kid had been being mouthy to her and such. The problem was at the time she was saying this happened I was with the kid in an entirely different area. So I asked her to point him out. Who she pointed out not only wasn’t the kid she said it was, but it turned out to be the child of one of the snooty chaperones. LOL!
Anyway, back to the dorm thing. Their senior year we took those same band kids from OK to AZ, and from OK to Washington DC staying in motels and such on both trips. When we first started out on those trips the main chaperones handed out this multipage list of rules and regulations (we’re talking a HUGE list) that all the chaperones were ordered to read aloud to the students as we departed on the trips. Dh, Bill, Bev and I went over the list and burst out laughing. You would not believe the list. It micro managed every aspects of the kids life while on this trip. We are talking 17, 18, and 19 year olds with raging hormones, many of which were legally adults. The four of us talked it over. Then when it was time to read the I held up the large list and told the kids I had this huge list of rules I had to read to them. You can imagine the groan that went through that big charter bus. I then told them I was going to keep it brief and narrow it down for them. A cheer went up. Here’s the rules we gave the kids.
That was it, plain and simple. Guess what we were the only bus that came home from those trips without a “spare passenger.”

My point to all of this is. We can all pray and hope our child will re-act in a proper manner when put in situations. But it’s the training and respect we’ve taught them that will be the determining factor. We had treated those kids as responsible adults throughout our years of marching along side them and they had in turn shown us respect by following those two rules. You all have taught your children well and they will not disappoint you.